Dollar Shave Club

by Andy on December 3, 2013

Do you need a great Christmas gift for your husband or boyfriend? Well if he is like me, he hates shaving and even more than that he hates buying razor blades. They are so expensive, but thanks to Dollar Shave club this is no longer the case. Sign up for one of there three razors and save so much $$$. You pick either the Humble Twin which is $1/month plus shipping and handling, the 4x which has 4 blades and only $6/month with shipping included, or the executive which is 6 blades and only $9/month including shipping. So here is how it works, you pick which razor you want, they send you a free handle, then send you the blades each month. I have tried the 4x blade and it worked extremely well, and if you consider it is just 6 x 12 or $72 per year, how can you go wrong. Make sure you watch their video, it is hysterical.

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