Free Personalized Christmas Calls

by Mrs. Moneysaver on December 3, 2009

santa(Photo credit:  D’Arcy Norman)

Kroger is currently offering free personalized phone calls from Santa or Sammy the Snowman (or Tony Stewart- because, as we all know, NASCAR is the epitome of Christmas whimsy :)  ).  Just sign in or register with the Kroger site to get started.  You don’t need to have a Kroger card to sign up.

Unfortunately, they aren’t offering personalized calls for every name out there, only those on their list.  My daughter’s name (Sadie) isn’t available, but my son’s name (Jack) is.  So instead, Santa will be calling my husband at 7:30 tonight.  I’m sure he will feel compelled to be on his best behavior after he hears that Santa is watching him.  Hehe.

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