Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

by Mrs. Moneysaver on December 7, 2009

I’m back with yet another edition of the Mrs. Moneysaver 2009 Holiday Gift Guide! Today’s topic-  stocking stuffers.

Spearmint menagerie SMALL copy1.  Glee Gum-  Okay, so this gum might cost a bit more than Dentyne.  But for a stocking, sometimes you want something with a bit more pizazz, right?   Plus, Glee Gum is currently the only gum in the US made with old-fashion chicle, and it’s also free from artificial coloring, flavoring, and sweeteners.  And it’s preservative-free too.  Glee Gum is “green” in that the chicle is harvested from Central American rain forests in a sustainable way and the package is made of biodegradable, recycled cardboard.  Kind of more exciting than Dentyne, right?  If you want to get fancy with the gum idea, you can also purchase make-your-own kits from Glee.  Check here for a retailer near you.  (My local Whole Foods stores, as well some other coffee shops and health stores, sell this gum.

2.  Spaghetti Scrub Out of all the prospective gift guide products I was told about, this item from Goodbye Detergent! was one of the most original.  The Scrubs, sold in packs of two, are made with peach pits and corn cob, look like gobs of spaghetti, and are used to wash dishes.  Detergent isn’t even needed with the scrubs (though you can use a little bit if you feel like it!)  We have loved the Spaghetti Scrubs since we received them!  You can buy 2-packs for $7-$9 in many stores, as well as online at retailers like Amazon.  Get more details and buying information here.

Glade candle 4 oz. jar in Apple Cinnamon3.  Glade Candles Holiday Collection I love the smells of Christmas time, and Glade has a nice line of holiday candles in scents of Bayberry Spice and Apple Cinnamon- both perfect for this time of year.  The apple cinnamon smells like you could eat it!  Glade has these scents available in refillable scented oil candles for both glass holders and tins, as well as 4 oz candle jars.  These candles are reasonable priced in stores like Walmart and Target, but there have been plenty of coupons in newspaper inserts, giving you even bigger savings.

4.  Goody Green Bags-  Reusable shopping bags are very popular right now, and Good Green Bags has designed a line of stylish ones!  This might sound so vain, but I’m much more likely to remember to use my reusable bags if they’re cute.  I received a nice brown and pink polka dot bag to sample, and like it so much.  You can buy Goody Green Bags for about $9 to $10 at Whole Foods,, and other select retailers, as well as through the Goody Green Bag site.  And if you order through this link, you can save 15% on your order!

5.  Divine Chocolate Several months ago I read a magazine article about the widespread injustices of the chocolate industry, and at that point became very interested in fair trade chocolate.  While fair trade chocolate does cost a bit more, you can rest assured that the farmers in underdeveloped areas of the world are being paid fairly for their cocoa beans.  And to me, that’s worth paying a little extra.  Divine Chocolate is a fair trade chocolate brand that offers some pretty delicious treats!  Like the dark chocolate raspberry bar… yum!  You can find Divine Chocolates at Whole Foods and  If you like to include chocolates in stockings, consider giving fair trade chocolate from Divine.

vapur6.  Vapur This “anti-bottle” reusable water container is unique in the fact that it is flexible.  While Vapur stands up when it’s full of water, it rolls and folds up when it’s empty and is “squeezable”.  The Vapur is BPA-free and can be cleaned in the dishwasher and frozen.  It sells for $8.95, or you can pick up a family pack for $29.95.  Plus, you have your pick between blue, pink, and green.  Vapur is available on Amazon and at  (It got great reviews on Amazon too, so apparently I’m not alone is thinking the Vapur is a cool product!)

7.  Christmas Pickle Ornament Like the Spaghetti Scrub I mentioned above, the Christmas Pickle fell into the creative gift category.  Really, I’ve never seen anything quite like it for Christmas.  But it’s just fun.  This pickle-like ornament sings, and comes with a legend that explains the whole thing.  The legend og the Christmas pickle says that families should hide the pickle in the tree each Christmas, letting the children (and adults!) search for it on Christmas morning.  The one who finds is said to have good luck throughout the new year.  The Christmas Pickle is just a fun idea, and retails for about $7 at Lowe’s stores.

The products reviewed above were provided to me by the company.  The opinions shared within the review are mine and were not provided by the companies.

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