Toys R Us: Video Game Trade-In

by Mrs. Moneysaver on November 19, 2009

toys r us trade in center

Toys R Us recently launched a video game trade-in center, allowing you to trade in your used video games for Toys R Us gift cards.  Perfect for all those video games that never get played around your house!

Here’s how it works.  Just search for the game titles on the trade-in site.  You’ll be able to see how much your game is worth for trade-in, depending on the title and condition.  Add the games you have to trade to your shopping cart.  You’ll then be able to print shipping labels and instructions, and ship your games to the trade-in center.  After your trade has been processed, you’ll get a Toys R Us gift card in the mail.  Have questions?  Check here.

Shipping is free if you have at least $10 worth of games (according to the site values) to trade.  If your total doesn’t reach $10, you have to pay for the shipping charge out of your gift card amount.  So, in order to get the best value, I suggest waiting until you have enough games for the $10 free shipping minimum.  (Maybe you could round up the neighbors’ video games too and then somehow split the gift card with them after you receive it?)

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